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It mainly produces and sells alloyed products such as carbide rotating boring (tungsten steel grinding head), high-speed steel rotating boring, and beauty nail enamel. Can be set, single order, can also be customized according to the special requirements of the user.

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History of carbide tools

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2018/09/30 10:04
What cemented carbide
It is based on high hardness and high melting point of metal carbide as the matrix, mainly carbon as a binder, powder metallurgy form of an alloy. Its hardness and abrasion resistance are excellent, high heat resistance, can be machined several times faster than high - speed steel. In particular, his high hardness and wear resistance, even at 500 degrees Celsius will not deform, at 1000 degrees Celsius is still very high hardness. The cutting of new hardness alloy cutter is several times as much as that of carbon steel.
2. China is the development situation of cemented carbide tools.
Cemented carbides are now dominant, at 70 percent. However, high-speed steel cutting tools are being reduced by 1-2 percent per year. Now it's basically down to about 30 percent. The proportion of ultra-hardness cutting tools such as vajra and CBN accounts for about 3 percent. At present, China's annual sales of cutting tools are 14.5 billion yuan, and the proportion of cemented carbide cutting tools is less than 25%. It is not only far from the structure of cutting tools in the international market, but also cannot meet the growing demand of domestic manufacturing industry for cemented carbide cutting tools. At present, China produces about 80,000 tons of high-speed steel annually, accounting for about 40% of global production, and consumes a large amount of precious tungsten, molybdenum and other rare resources. This kind of blind expansion and low level repetition makes the production of high speed steel cutting tools a large number of surplus, has to be sold at a low price, resulting in a large number of cutting tools production enterprises low efficiency. China's current annual production of cemented carbide 1. 60,000 tons, about 40% of global production. However, the yield of the highest value-added carbide cutting blade is only over 3000 t, accounting for only 20%. This situation, on the one hand, leads to the urgent need of the supply of cemented carbide tools in China, on the other hand, makes the valuable cemented carbide resources not fully utilized. The annual sales revenue of cemented carbide in China is about 5. $600 million; Japan is only 40 percent of China's output, but the sales revenue is as high as 26. At $3.3 billion, the proportion of its blades (knives) is as high as 72%, making full use of resources, and the enterprise has also gained good benefits. China's tool industry should get some useful enlightenment. At present, the tool structure imbalance in production tools and demand is not right. For example: users need a large gap in carbide tool, but high - speed steel tool production surplus; The modern manufacturing industry is in urgent need of efficient cutting tools with large gaps, but low-grade standard cutting tools are overproduced.