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It mainly produces and sells alloyed products such as carbide rotating boring (tungsten steel grinding head), high-speed steel rotating boring, and beauty nail enamel. Can be set, single order, can also be customized according to the special requirements of the user.

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Introduction and analysis of milling cutter

Company news
2018/09/30 10:03
For a perfect milling cutter, it is very important to deal with the cutting performance of the end milling cutter of tungsten steel. For each step, careful treatment is needed to improve the processing efficiency and the service life of end milling cutter of tungsten steel. The analysis is as follows.
The machine's rigidity and spindle's horsepower should be understood before processing:
1kw = 0.75hp (unit conversion of spindle torque value)
A: the general structure of the machine can be divided into hard rail or linear sliding rail (hard rail is generally preferred to be rigid).
B: the driving mode of the spindle is gear type, straight knot type, inner type and belt type (generally, the torque value of machining by gear type and straight knot type is better).
C: the machine spindle blade type is generally BT30 (SK30), BT40 (SK40), BT50 (SK50) or HSK (high-speed spindle).
Based on the above argument, the machining capability and cutting data of the same end mill of tungsten steel are different due to different types of machine.