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It mainly produces and sells alloyed products such as carbide rotating boring (tungsten steel grinding head), high-speed steel rotating boring, and beauty nail enamel. Can be set, single order, can also be customized according to the special requirements of the user.

Jiangyin Xinjie Tools Co., Ltd.

History of carbide tools
What cemented carbide It is based on high hardness and high melting point of metal carbide as the matrix, mainly carbon as a binder, powder metallurgy form of an alloy. Its hardness and abrasion resi
Introduction and analysis of milling cutter
For a perfect milling cutter, it is very important to deal with the cutting performance of the end milling cutter of tungsten steel. For each step, careful treatment is needed to improve the processin
A method of cutting difficult materials
The definition and specific varieties of refractory materials vary with The Times and professional fields. For example, the aerospace industry commonly USES ultra-heat-resistant alloys, titanium alloy
The geometric Angle of the cutter
The most direct and effective way to reduce machining costs is to effectively apply different parts of a turning tool. Therefore, in order to select the most suitable cutting tools, in addition to the
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