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What is the difference between the role of different milling cutter size inaccuracy how to solve

Company news
2018/09/30 10:02
Do you know how to solve the size inaccuracy of different milling cutter? This is what changzhou nairuke nc tool co., ltd. will introduce to you today. I hope you can have a certain understanding and understanding of how to solve the inaccuracy of the milling cutter through this introduction.
[share] what is the difference between different types of milling cutters
Purpose of milling cutter:
1. Plain end milling cutter can be used for rough milling, removing a large number of blank, small area horizontal plane or fine milling contour.
2. Ball end milling cutter is used for surface semi-fine milling and fine milling. Small ball head milling cutter can be fine milling steep side/straight side of small chamfer and irregular profile.
3. Plain end milling cutter with chamfer can do rough milling to remove a lot of blank, but also fine milling fine flat surface (relative to the steep surface) small chamfer.
4. Profile milling cutters include chamfering cutters, t-shaped cutters, or drum cutters, toothed cutters, and internal R cutters.
5. Chamfer as the name implies is the same with chamfer shape, divided into milling round chamfer and chamfer Angle milling cutter.
6. T - shaped knives can be used to mill T - shaped slots.
7. Toothed cutter can milling out a variety of teeth, such as gear.
8. The coarse cutters are designed for the cutting of aluminum and copper alloy.
More concerned: a summary of the causes of alloy mill wear
The problem of size inaccuracy of milling cutter is a very important problem. Generally, the following problems may occur, so how to solve these problems
1. Overcutting
Reduce the depth and width of cutting
2. Lack of accuracy of machine or fixture
Repair machinery and fixtures
Lack of rigidity in machinery or fixtures
Change the fixture or cutting Settings of the machine
4. Too few edges
Use a multi-blade end mill
The above points are about "how to solve the inaccuracy of the size of the different milling cutter". I believe that after the introduction of this paper, I will have my own understanding of this aspect, and how to solve the problem of inaccuracy of the milling cutter in the future. Here, we recommend you to know more about changzhou milling cutter and other information, hope to help you!